Those who have known me for a very long time know that I have never been a big dog person. I guess, I just didn't understand dogs. My one and only pet was a siamese cat named Derby. Who lived to be 18 years old.

We had a yellow lab while the boys were growing up. His name was Emmitt. Lets just say we tolerated each other. Naw, that's not actually right. He was a pretty good pup to me, and even saved our lives when we were robbed and held at gun point while living in Sint Maarten. But I just didn't understand Emmitt. He was a boys dog, not a mom dog. Many years passed since we lost Emmitt when C.D. finally said now, that we were moving to Louisville, I'm ready to get another yellow lab. I was reluctant, but knew that my vote didn't really count in this matter. C.D. did his research and found a breeder in Bardstown Kentucky close to where Maker's Mark is made, and put his name on the waiting list for one of the breeders pups, we knew it would be maybe up to a year+ before our name would reach the top of the list.

Fast forward to 2015, we were advised that our name was getting close and that in 2-3 litters we would get to pick out our puppy. Then In June of 2015 our Lil Buddy Dave got sick. He flew to Kentucky where we took him to the hospital. We never dreamed that day that he would never leave that hospital.

The day that the doctors told us that he had very little time left, words no parent should ever have to hear, C.D. got a call. It was from the breeder saying that since another family dropped out our name was moved up and that we could come and pick out our puppy in the next day or two. Stunned with tears in his eyes, C.D. had to tell the breeder that our son was dying and that we would not be able to pick up our puppy in the next day or two. The breeder was heartbroken for us, and asked if we trusted him to pick out our puppy for us, and he would hold him until we could come and get him. And C.D., not know really knowing how to respond, said yes.

Dave passed away that day, Friday, July 17, 2015. We will not get into that in this post. But needless to say we were devastated. We had David's service the next day on Saturday. And surrounded by all the people we love most in the world we said goodbye to our baby.

But this post is about Larry, so lets dry those tears. On the following Monday, C.D. went to pick up our new puppy along with my brother Bob, our Bobby Mo, cousin T.J., and best friend Ben all made the trek to Bardstown to pick up our Larry.

I can't tell you how this dog has stolen my heart. Me the Non-Dog Gal, I'm head over heals in love with this dog. I guess God knew what he was doing. He is such a joy in our family. And I know this sounds just crazy but I see a lot of signs from Dave in Larry. Larry's personality is like Dave's. He is definitely a lover and not a fighter. He is everyone's friend. He watches out for you, and when I'm really having a blue day, he literally hugs me. I noticed the other day. (and those who knew Dave will totally agree when you read this) But I was throwing the ball for Larry. He was chasing it, and catching it, he was sauntering (yes like Dave) through the yard, trying to act cool. But then he was like, "oh wait, what was I doing, looking too cool, I forgot I was supposed to get the ball". "Let me back track, but looking cool to pick up that ball." "Damn that wasn't that cool, oh well, to hell with trying to look cool, let me just get this ball and skip back with it to mom with a smile on my face." Yep, the was Dave! He LOVES food, and yes, bacon is his favorite. He is just so darn good. Even as a puppy, he was good, with the exception of that time that he tore up every cushion on our patio furniture to the point that the entire back yard was white puffy stuff, but even then we couldn't get that mad, he smiled and looked so proud of himself. Like David, you just can't get mad at him.

I know that this all sounds a bit crazy, but I have to believe that God's hand is at play here. It can't just be coincidence that we got the most amazing dog on the same weekend that we lost the most amazing son.

Regardless of how it sounds, I will forever be grateful that we have him in our lives. The joy that he brings us, the comfort at our darkest hours he gives, and the endless laughs are priceless.

Thank you God for this incredible gift.

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