oh baby, a baby

Not me silly! Sorry, I know I promised to talk about Larry, but this happened.

Dave letting his friends know,  everything is going to go just fine on the way to the hospital.
Dave's Rainbow

In the last few weeks, two beautiful couples that mean the world to us have given birth tobaby girls, and two other couples who's boys are growing up too fast for words. They were some of Dave's best friends and were with us when David passed away. During those last 24 hours of Davids life, we all shared stories, cheers led by these kids to David, we laughed we cried, and I know when David left this world, he left hearing a familiar chant, Dave, Dave, Dave....and knowing how much we all loved him. Their love and support these past years have been priceless. But there are two reasons that are so deep in my heart and soul as to why they mean so very much to C.D. and I. They continue to keep Davids spirit alive. They talk about him, and include him when they are together, during their every day life, and include him during their biggest most special moments. And they have given us the honor of sharing these moments with us.

When one of Dave's college buddies who was with us when David passed wrote to me and told me that Dave's passing has helped him and his wife make the decision to start their own family. And went on to share pictures with us while they were at the hospital. And let us in on the their happy news that they were now proud parents of a baby boy. Then two days ago on their way to the hospital another buddy stopped and they snapped a picture and sent it to us saying that there was a "Dave rainbow" in the sky a sign that Dave was with them, and shared pictures of their new beautiful baby girl. What amazes me is that these are the most significant moments in any persons life. The birth of their child, and they have shared that with us.

I know its very cliche to say, there are no words to describe how that make me feel. Its such a range of emotions. I'm literally over the moon with excitement, love, and pure joy. But then I'm so very sad to know that David never got to experience that love. And it makes me cry. I do feel a great deal of gratitude that when he got sick. He was in love, and that love was reciprocated. He was at the top of his game in his work. He was happy. But I know he wanted to get married, and start a family. And he would have been such an amazing husband and father.

I received a call yesterday morning from one of those dear friends. I had sent him and his wife and new baby girl a gift. (which took far too long for me to get to them) He wanted to express how much he and his wife loved the gifts we had sent. One of those gifts was a children's book that I had made out of a short story that Dave had written in College about growing up in the Turks and Caicos. We love this story about the adventures he and his best friend Joe had exploring the islands and the sea. So I thought it would be fun to make it into a Children's book for his friends having babies. I'm relieved and delighted to say that they love the book. We both cried at the loss of Dave, but held tight in the knowledge that we have this strong bond.

To these kids, I want to say with all sincerity thank you for sharing your lives with us. I say I don't think you will ever know how much it means to us. But now that you know that love for your child I think you might have a wee bit of an idea. With all of Gods Blessings, I pray for your families.


Some more pictures of Dave's rainbows

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