Simply Stated, where did I go?

Hi friends and family and those that don't know me. Welcome to my new blog. Or really, just my thoughts on this journey through life.

As everyone is making their New Years resolutions, I have decided to take a look back to try to find the old me. So much of my life has changed in the last 4 years, and I hardly recognize myself. The most significant change being the loss of our first born son. Dave. Well I can tell you that the loss of David will be a constant part of my story as he is in every thought of every moment of every day. That loss is so momentous for just a few words. Secondly, I retired from my job of 30+ years with American Airlines. Thirdly, we moved to Louisville, Kentucky to be close to family. Fourth I started my own business, Simply Laura, making hats which in its self seems crazy from the most undomesticated person I know.

Over the course of 2020 I hope to take you on my journey of rediscovering the best parts of the old me and the hopes and dreams of what I want to see in the new me. There will be some giggles, a few tears, soul searching, bitching, and dreaming along the way.

I hope to accomplish the following with your support, love, and good old fashion accountability, through the means of this blog. (even if I'm the only one who reads it).

- find myself, mind, body, and soul.

- exercising, through tennis, walking Larry, and the elliptical (while watching General Hospital=I love multitasking)

- creating beautiful pieces of wearable art through my millinery. And surrounding myself in calm and beauty.

- rekindling my relationship with God. I've been a bit mad at him lately and I need to start to forgive.

I'm not a writer, so don't look for proper grammar, spelling etc. It's just gonna be my thoughts as I see them.

I hope you enjoy the ride

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